Parasailing Oahu

Parasailing Oahu

 Are you looking to spend a day taking a break from the same old thing? Sure, the beach is nice, but why not switch it up and try Parasailing Oahu? Fly in one of our top of the line parachutes and experience the once in a lifetime views atop the world-famous Waikiki Beach, up to 1,000ft in the air. We offer four different experience packages, all of which will be able to cater to creating your perfect and exclusive experience. These packages are all dependent on the line lengths of the parasail. We also conveniently offer the option of an Observer fare, for anybody who wants to come along but may not want to fly. Everyone gets to join in on a piece of the fun!



Crew and captain of Parasailing Oahu recommend that you come prepared in swimwear, with a towel, a change of clothes for when you’re done, and if you are prone to seasickness we recommend you bring some medicine for that.

Before beginning your parasailing adventure, we require that all participants sign a liability waiver form. Keep in mind that the minimum age to aboard and fly by yourself is 18 years old. Anyone younger must be accompanied by guardian or parent to sing the liability waiver. To get onto the parasail, you must be at least 6 years old. To fly alone, you must be at least 125 pounds.



Parasailing Oahu all begins the moment you step onto the boat from the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor in Waikiki, where the crew members and captain will go over anything and everything you need to know. After that, the boat will cruise along the Waikiki Beach as the staff prepare you into your harness to get ready for your journey up into the clouds. The amazing  views you will catch are provided to you by the Diamond Head and the Waikiki skyline. Fly up into the clouds and feel as free as a bird! We offer great hours from 7:40 Am to 4 Pm for the experience. Included in the price is round-trip transportation, proper equipment for the activity at hand, and a life vest for security.



As mentioned prior, Parasailing Oahu has four exciting packages for you to choose from. One being the Beginner Package which extends to 300 feet and is ideal for all our beginners. Second, the Turtle Package which extends 500 feet and is ideal for those with a bit of experience in parasailing. Third, our Dolphin Package featuring an extension of 750 feet and is a great option for those who would like to be up in the sky longer. And finally, the whale package which premiers 1000 feet of extension towline and offers the best view of the city with a fly time of 10 minutes! Choose wisely as you pick your packages.

Keep in mind, that no experience is required to fly the sky and enjoy your trip. In Parasailing Oahu, we want everyone to join in on the fun. Leave all your fears at the door, as we want you to relax and enjoy the view as you soar high into the skies.

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