Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale

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Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale

Parasailing in Fort Lauderdale

You can expect great customer service from this family-owned and operated parasail business. Start by checking in and meet your USCG trained parasail captain and crew. They will help you board the state-of-the-art CWS Ocean Pro Parasail Boat. As you settle in and store your belongings in the cubby holes under the seats, the captain and crew will go over the safety briefing and fit you into the parasail harnesses and life jackets.

Once we get to our fly location, we can launch the parasail and call you back and clip you onto the parasail. We do our last-minute checks and make sure you're comfortable. Once we're ready, we confirm that you're ready and off you go. After the first fifteen feet, you can open your eyes and loosen your grip. As you relax, you'll start to enjoy the spectacular view of Fort Lauderdale Beach. We have one thousand feet of line, so there's a lot to see from this height.

Now, when we start to reel you back to the parasail boat, you have the option to dip your legs in the water or stay dry. I personally recommend the dip as it is just a magical experience you won't want to pass up. After the dip, it's time to land back on the parasail boat sitting down. Once you land back on the boat nice and slow, we unclip you and ask you to slide off the parasail deck and go back to your seat and enjoy the boat ride back in. Once back at the dock, photos and video are available for sale. Feel free to ask the staff for details.

Parasailing World Fort Lauderdale | Fly 800ft

Experience the ride of your life with Miami's number one parasail operator.

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