Parasailing Maui

Parasailing Maui

Some believe your vacations should feel like paradise. We at Parasailing Maui believe your vacations should feel like Heaven. Come explore the beautiful skies with us. Parasailing is a beautiful sport and we make it safe and fun! What are you waiting for?

Why Maui?

Hawaii is home to the most exotic views and wildlife. This is why Parasailing Maui resides in this beautiful location. When in search of the perfect place, our founders chose only the most gorgeous land where we knew customers, like you, would love! We want this to be a safe haven for you to relax from the stressors of your everyday life.

What does Parasailing feel like? How is it safe?

Parasailing feels different for everyone. It depends on your experience level. Beginners describe the feeling as a rollercoaster. This can be true because we take you hundreds of feet into the air where you can catch a bird’s eye view of the beauty that Maui has to offer. As frightening as this may sound, it is completely. Our trained and U.S. Coast Guard certified crew and captain have the responsibility of assuring the quality of your trip. You are in great hands. Our crew work hard to make you feel safe.

Do you offer Observer seats?

Parasailing Maui offers both parasailing packages as well as separate observer seats. Observer seats are great for everyone and anyone. You can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight that Hawaii offers from the comfort of a seat in the boat. Heights aren’t for everyone and that’s okay!

Are there any requirements before I can join the fun?

Our only requirements are that you wear the life vests and come with a positive attitude and a smile! No, you don’t have to know to swim or need experience parasailing before. Our crew is highly trained to relieve you of your worries. We promise you will love your trip no matter where you choose to enjoy it from.

Do I have to get wet?

We at Parasailing Maui like to give our passengers the liberty of customizing their experience. This adds on the quality of your journey. If you want to be dipping into the water, you can kindly ask the captain. Depending on the climate conditions, he will kindly adhere. If you do not want to get wet, also please let the captain know! Although we can’t promise you that you won’t get drizzled, we can try our best to accommodate your request.

Is there anything else I need to know before booking my trip?

We want you to have the time of your life! We hold the standards and quality of your trip on the boat and/or parasail so dearly. People like you are the reason why we are able to service such an awesome experience to passengers. The sights and the smiles and security provided by our staff will make you feel safe and comfortable. Your vacation should be how you like it! We believe so too! Come explore new heights and make new friends.