Parasailing Key Largo

Parasailing Key Largo

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Now you can have that dream become a reality at Parasailing Key Largo! Come by yourself of bring your family along with you, whatever you like. We believe in your safety and the quality of your adventure. Come and live out what many dream of. From the white sand beach to the clear blue skies, you won’t want to miss this. Grab your swimming trunks and get ready for the ride, or rather, the flight of your life.




Parasailing Key Largo, will consist of many great sights. Of course, you don’t only have to be up in the air to enjoy these views. We also offer observer seating and fares for those that rather lounge with the captain and the crew. Don’t worry, whether in the air on in your seat, there are great views either way. You will be able to catch dolphins, sea turtles, a look into the deep blue sea and great skies. There is no faking this kind of beauty provided by Key Largo’s finest. What a better way to spend the day than by what Mother Nature has to offer?




Parasailing Key Largo is qualified and certified to be the safest water sport available. This is due to our safety standards in which we, the staff, all hold close to our heart. We value our passengers, crew, captain, and wildlife dearly. This is why we do not joke around when it comes to our safety and we take extra precautions. For example: annual manufacturer inspections, strict waste regulations, parasail equipment maintaining, etc. If you have any specific questions for us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.




We love to try new things. You can ask the captain to allow you to be dipped into the water for a cool new experience or you can advice him to leave you dry. Our biggest requirement is that no one under 18 years old goes on the parasail without parental consent. Furthermore, we allow our passengers to be secured and depart from the boat itself. Many other parasailing services do not allow such convenience, so take advantage! You will ascend hundreds of feet into the air and be able to view sights never before seen. It truly is a great experience. Why not just come on over and check it our for yourself!



At Parasailing Key Largo, we believe that the best way to get in touch with yourself is to experience what’s out there. Staying indoors is great but there is nothing better than seeing the beautiful sunrise and clear blue skies while by the sea. Invite everyone to enjoy this amazing experience with you through one of our great affordable packages. This can also be a great gift idea as well! What are you waiting for? The time to soar high into the sky is now.