Miami Beach Parasailing

Miami Beach Parasailing

In life, we should learn to take risks and think outside the box. Miami Beach Parasailing wants to be a part of your next adventure. We offer the best rates and experiences. We value all of our customers and the quality of their adventure. Choose us when booking your next vacation!

Why should I choose you over other competitors?

We at Miami Beach Parasailing make it easy for you to have fun. All you have to do is bring yourself, of family and friends along! Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the stressors of finding a safe servicer because we already took care of that! We make sure we hire and staff only the most qualified and experienced staff to give the responsibility of your trip. This is crucial to any adventure such as parasailing. Your captain and his crew are ready to take you to extreme heights, literally!

What do I have to do to join in on this fun?

Miami Beach Parasailing requires that all participants sign a liability waiver and wear life vests. That’s all! You just worry about looking great in your pictures and having a blast! You don’t need any kind of experience in swimming or parasailing. We make it that easy!

What great sights will I see on my flight?

While in the parasail, Miami Beach Parasailing promises you will catch beautiful scenery. Some of these great sights include amazing sea animals: ranging from jellyfish to sea turtles. Landmarks include South Beach, Ocean Drive, Lummus Park, etc. These are sights your friends will be jealous of, especially if you experience them from the parasail. This is not to say that you won’t experience the beauty of these sights from the boat.

I am scared of heights, can I sit in the boat to enjoy the sights?

Miami Beach Parasailing caters to people of all likings. All in all, this means that if you don’t feel comfortable in the parasail, you can still enjoy your time. We offer observer view seats in the boat that provide a great time. Surrounded with music and great views, how much better can this possibly get?

Can we know more about what will happen during the Parasailing?

When you get on the boat, the captain will direct his crew to get you set up at the deck. The deck is where the departing and landing of the parasail will be happening. Essentially, you will be strapped up and harnessed to the boat. Think of it as a parachute in a way. The crew and captain will definitely describe all the instructions better while you are in the boat. Please do not hesitate to ask any kind of question!

The next time you are planning your vacation, keep us in mind. We care about you and you safety. Your safety goes hand in hand with the quality of your trip! Don’t allow the stresses of life get to you. Fly high in the sky with the birds and wave hello to the dolphins. Come experience what Miami Beach has to offer you.