Parasailing in Miami

Parasailing in Miami

Tired of looking up into the sky daydreaming during your repetitive 9-5 work schedule? Have you ever considered Parasailing in Miami? We can help you break free of your boring cycles of work, sleep, wake up. Experience life from a different perspective…




Come Parasailing in Miami and fly high into the air into the peace that the view and soothing breeze provides. Catch the world-famous Miami skyline from a spectacular view all while enjoying the beautiful weather. You have the option to stay in the boat and enjoy the cool breeze with all the other passengers. Or, you can break free of that and venture up into the air safely for a great flight.




While Parasailing in Miami, you will be able to catch some amazing views whether in the boat or in the air. These landmarks will include: Fisher Island, Biscayne Bay, views of Miami beach, the Everglades, etc. This all of course is dependent on the weather conditions and if the captain on board finds it suitable to go past a certain area or not. But undoubtedly, you will catch amazing sights so bring everyone you know!




Parasailing in Miami wants to assure you of your safety. It is our priority, and we prove this because we actively monitor the machinery that we use. This means the boat, the life jackets, safety boat, parasail, parasail security equipment and everything in between. We make it to the only thing that should be on your mind is having fun and contemplating which friends to bring. When it comes to your safety, our crew doesn’t play either. Which is why we hire only the best of the best to support the captain on his travels with you. We leave you in the hands of the most qualified professionals only.




Parasailing in Miami all depends on who you are as a person. But we do promise to make it fun for all, no matter the age. Although it can be a little unsettling to be a few hundreds of feet into the air, we will be there right with you. As mentioned, our trained staff make it their priority to make you feel comfortable and safe. After the safety precautions are taken, you have nothing else to worry about. You can close your eyes and enjoy the breeze or open your eyes for cool views: the choice is yours.

If you have any sort of concerns or requests, please speak to staff.

Once you realize how great of an experience being in a boat on a off-day, or really, any day can be, you won’t regret it. With the most qualified staff providing the best experience, you won’t regret picking us. We make your stay and experience in the boat and in the air worthwhile. Whether it’s a dare, another thing to scratch off your bucket list, or just because: choose us for your next adventure.