Parasailing Myrtle Beach

Parasailing Myrtle Beach

Bring everyone you know along for the crazy ride…or rather flight. Parasailing Myrtle Beach presents the safest parasailing service on the East Coast. Our trained and experienced professionals are eager to strap you and your friends along for the most luxurious view of the beach and skyline your eyes will ever see. Take in a fresh breath of air by the water as you experience nature’s finest.



Before getting into the fun, we must cover the basics. No underage children are allowed on the boat or on the parasail by themselves without a parent or guardian. No pregnant women, intoxicated people, or other circumstances in which the captain deems dangerous. For specific questions, please be sure to call before booking your reservation. Those interested in parasailing will be asked to sign a liability waiver before doing that activity as a precaution step. Please be sure to respect yourself and others when boarding the boat and having fun. All in all, relax and have fun and enjoy the boat ride!



Parasailing Myrtle Beach will consist of many beautiful sceneries. For example, eager dolphins, sea turtles, and more. Enjoy parasailing through the Myrtle Beach skyline for a bird’s eye view you’ve never experienced anywhere else! Your friends will be forever jealous of your courageous act to go up hundreds of feet into the air. It’s a calming and soothing experience you can only get at Parasailing Myrtle Beach.



As a general rule, Parasailing Myrtle Beach is better with the less things you bring along. This will allow for a more carefree trip and less hassle of potential losing something or dropping something in the water. Safety of our passengers, staff, and wildlife is our priority so please keep that in mind when packing. Our friendly staff will secure your belongings by the shore so they don’t get wet, but try not to bring any expensive belongings.



We will be docking right at the convenience of our property where parking is free and convenient for our members. Please be mindful of the fact that the parking spots are limited so be sure to hit the road early.



Parasailing Myrtle Beach takes pride in making safety its number priority. As mentioned before, we care tremendously for our passengers onboard, our captains and crew, as well as the wildlife. All of our equipment is constantly inspected by the U.S Coast Guard measures of safety and our crew and captain are also trained and experienced through U.S Coast Guard standards. We strive to deliver only the best for our passengers. Your safety is our safety.


Next time you are thinking of where to vacate or go sightseeing consider us. We will make your time be worthwhile and for a great price too! On top of it all, all of our equipment and staff is professional and properly trained to the maximum. This way, your only worry is having fun and relaxing with your loved ones.