Parasailing St Pete Beach

Parasailing St Pete Beach

Parasailing St Pete Beach wants to hold your next event! We strive to provide only the best experience through all our available services. Our priority is quality, which is why we offer the best rates and take top-notch security measures to assure you and your peers feel comfortable, secure, and have tons of fun.



Parasailing St Pete Beach is equipped with three 12-passenger boats, that have been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. Our boats are more than ready to handle all the fun that your function has to bring. We take extra measures to assure that our captains are also U.S. Coast Guard certified. Furthermore, we also make sure that our boat crews are also qualified and trained to the fullest extent.  

We at Parasailing St Pete Beach take the safety and welfare of our boats, staff, and passengers extremely seriously. Because of this we are backed up with insurance to cover every single last thing and object. You will also find it favorable that we board all of our passengers from our dock, unlike other parasailing/boat services.



Aside from our safety measures and precautions, let’s get dive in to the fun already! Literally! Parasailing St Pete Beach has many different activities that we offer to our passengers for the events they hold on the boats. The fun begins five minutes into the boat ride as the transition into what we like to call, The Fly Zone. This zone provides space for the parasail and the activities that will occur. The back deck of the boat is where you will be secured with the equipment needed for parasailing. You can choose to go by yourself of with some friends to soar high into the sky to enjoy the views.



We will take you along the Tampa Bay Beaches to enjoy the scenery, through the boat ride or up in the parasail. This grand view of the luxurious waters of the Gulf of Mexico are sure to leave you in awe. The captain will also show the passengers our gorgeous white-sanded Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach. Be sure to grab your camera because you don’t want to miss any moment or dolphins!

If the weather permits and water conditions are fine, our captain can dip you into the water during your parasailing. Just be sure you dress for this daring occasion, the captain will almost fully submerge you. Furthermore, a freefall simulation is also included with you parasail flying to give you the fullest experience.



Parking is limited but free at Parasailing St Pete Beach. You are welcome to park at our dock locations, but remember first come first serve!

Next time you think about where you want to hold your next event, keep us in mind! The safest parasailing service delivering the best rates, best quality, and the best views all in one place.