Parasailing Waikiki

Parasailing Waikiki

Ever wanted to experience the world differently? For some maybe that means from a different point of view. Parasailing Waikiki wants to be a part of that journey for you and your loved ones. Come fly with us as we take you hundreds of feet into the air. This once in a lifetime experience is 100% safe, backed by the U.S. Coast Guard. What are you waiting for? Book your trip now!

Are there any requirements before the fun?

No, you don’t need to know how to swim or need experience with parasailing. All you have to do is be dressed in beachwear, preferably bring along a jacket and shades as well. We ask that you refrain from bringing any cameras or video cameras as they can sustain water damage or get lost. Besides, we’ll have a camera crew to snap pictures for you! All in all, the only requirement at Parasailing Waikiki is you and those you choose to bring along to the trip.

How is parasailing safe? What measures are taken to assure safety?

Parasailing Waikiki hires only the best staff. This is because they are directly linked to the safety of your trip. Our trained and U.S. Coast Guard certified crew and captain have the responsibility of the quality of your trip. You are surely in great hands. Our crew works hard to make you feel safe and have fun. If you have gone on a trip where you needed to watch out for the safety, you should have been compensated as a crew member. We believe that your only job should be contacting friends to bring along with you, planning which spots you’ll hit after sunset, and having fun whether in the parasail or on the boat.

Do you offer other activities for other ages?

We offer both parasailing packages as well as separate observer seats. Observer seats are great for all ages. Observer seats offers the same quality of fresh air and sunlight as parasailing, but from the comfort of a seat in the boat. Extreme heights are not everyone’s cup of tea…but that’s alright! You don’t have to worry about not being able to come along because you don’t feel right participating. We have music and snacks on board to keep you satisfied and pleasant.

Why Waikiki?

Parasailing Waikiki resides in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. We chose a location that can bring luxurious and exotic vibes to shake up your life. The calm beach and the beautiful wildlife and environment are sure to soothe your stress away. We hope that you enjoy this adventure half as much as our founders enjoyed crafting it together for you.

Is there anything else I need to know before booking my trip?

Parasailing Waikiki values your interest in us. If you ever have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask before, during, and after purchasing your package. Your safety is very important to us. While saving a couple of dollars is ideal when it comes to vacationing, there is no better feeling than being safe. Our prices are still affordable when you compare our quality to others. We hope to see you here soon!